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Compostable Coffee Capsule Set

Compostable Coffee Capsule Set


Premium Roasted Italian Coffee

5 Flavors

  • 100% Compostable Nespresso Compatible

    Intenso 1 box of 10 pieces

    Primo Mattino 1 box of 10 pieces

    Decaffeinated 1 box of 10 pieces

    Arabica 1 box of 10 pieces

    Crema Espresso 1 box of 10 pieces


    PRIMO MATTINO 咖啡膠囊 - Nespresso兼容 (1盒10粒)
    INTENSO 咖啡膠囊 - Nespresso兼容 (1盒10粒)
    CREMA ESPRESSO 咖啡膠囊 - Nespresso兼容 (1盒10粒)
    ARABICA 咖啡膠囊 - Nespresso兼容 (1盒10粒)
    DECAFFEINATO 咖啡膠囊 - Nespresso兼容 (1盒10粒)

  • Caffè Perfetto, established in 2014, is based in Hong Kong. We are lovers of coffee and after searching for an alternative to Nespresso pods, we created our own unique blends of compatible coffee capsules initially for family, friends, and now across Asia.

    Our beans are of the highest quality offering an array of dark and light roasted coffee beans with unique and exceptional flavours. They are sourced from small farmers in South America and then roasted in the small town of Sarcedo outside of Venice, Italy. We believe that every cup of coffee has a story to tell and we welcome you to share your passion with us.

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