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Handmade Wellness Soap - Kapha (Vegan)

Handmade Wellness Soap - Kapha (Vegan)


Muze Ayurvedic Handmade Wellness Soap - KAPHA (Vegan)

Energizing . Detoxifying . Astringent 

  • Artisan Ayurveda Apothcary | Handmade Body Soap

    Made by Muze, Kapha Dosha Body Bar using ancient Ayurveda recipes & 20+ herbs to help energize your skin while providing deep and luxurious clean. 


    Kapha type skin reflects the qualities of the earth and water elements. When in balance, kapha skin is pale, soft, supple, cool and slightly moist.  When out of balance, this skin-type is prone to excess oil, cystic acne, large pores, congestion and excess moisture.


    Our Kapha Dosha body bar is formulated with specific herbs to have an astringent, warming and detoxifying effect on the skin, in order to bring ideal balance to kapha-type skin.


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