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Handmade Wellness Soap - PITTA (Vegan / Non-Vegan)

Handmade Wellness Soap - PITTA (Vegan / Non-Vegan)


Cooling. Soothing. Calming 

  • Artisan Ayurveda Apothcary | Handmade Body Soap

    Made by Muze, Pitta Dosha Body Bar using ancient Ayurveda recipe to calm and renew your skin while providing deep and luxurious clean.


    Pitta type skin is comprised of the fire and water elements. When in balance, pitta skin has a rosy, dewy glow. Pitta skin is delicate, naturally warm in temperature & can have freckles, beauty marks &/or moles. When out of balance, this skin type is prone to excess heat, inflammation, excess oil (especially in the T-Zone region), rosacea, broken capillaries, acne, blemishes & redness. Wrinkles tend to be most predominant in between the eyes.


    Our Pitta Dosha body bar is specifically formulated with optimal cooling, soothing & calming herbs to counterbalance the heated conditions of pitta-type skin

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