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Skreen Reusable Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Pads

Skreen Reusable Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Pads


5 pcs


The double layered bamboo charcoal reusable cotton pads are absorbent and supremely smooth, making them notably gentle on the skin.

Recommend for applying toner or removing makeups. OR simply as a facial towel!

  • Easy to clean and dry.

    Rinse under tap each time and let dry. Wash them in the washing machine once a week to get the best experience.


    Use daily. Last for 3+ years.

  • Skreen comes from the words “green” and “skin”. Skreen ought to provide the cleanest high quality skincare for their customers. Meanwhile, providing easy return and refill service from online and offline. Skreen’s aim is to mininise waste from the cosmetic industry.


    Why should people use Skreen?

    1. Skincare are vegan, clean, anti-animal testing全部產品以植物萃取,素食者適用

    2. Reusable and high quality bottles for refilling 可重用護膚品樽&可重用信封。

    3. Reusable packaging delivers to your door免運費寄到屋企, 免運費歸還空樽   

    4. $20 cash back for each empty bottles returned to Skreen 每個空樽可拎$20 cash back   

    5. Material from Paris and Taiwan, manufactured locally 原料來自巴黎台灣,絕不經過動物測試 紫水晶玻璃樽,高温UV消毒 防菌防霉

    6. 2% of Skreen’s net profit goes to a local green organisation, Green Peng Chau Association 2% profits 會交給環保組織綠衡者(GPCA)做環保教育

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